The Great Five Insurance Brokers act as intermediaries to the main underwriters in all types of insurance, which include the following, amongst others:-

Group Life – To benefit the dependents of an employee in case of accidental death or illness that results to death, while insured.

Group Personal Accident – This policy covers your employees and students for accidental death and total disability, replacement of lost income during a temporary disability, medical expenses for 365 days a year, worldwide including as fare-paying passengers on any licensed form of public transport, including commercial aircraft.

Group Medical – We offer medical packages offered by the insurance industry and the H.M.O’s. With our experience, we tailor make them to suit each client’s needs. We seek to ensure that the client has the best medical care available at reasonable cost and at maximum convenience.

Motor Vehicle Insurance – against material damage, fire and theft and third party risks.

Erection All Risks – this in one cover designed to cover contractor’s machinery, the contractors and the client’s goods.

The Travel Insurance Package – this will take care of your employees when traveling from their local bases to other stations locally and abroad, it covers the baggage, medical bills and guidance to places where to seek help abroad, rescue, burial, transportation or mortal remains etc

Money Insurance – This policy covers loss of your money whilst in transit from your premises to the bank and vice versa, money in your premises during business hours, money in your premises in locked safe/strong rooms outside business hours, money in the hand of senior employees/authorized personnel of the company. It also covers National Hospital Insurance Fund, Stamps and stamped cards and the contents of a franking machine. Money in this case is defined as cash, bank notes, currency notes, cheques (whether open or crossed), postal orders, money orders, current postage and revenue stamps.

Pensions and Gratuity – These schemes are established on behalf of an employer with the principle objective of providing for employees on retirement from service, or for their dependants on the death of these employees. Pension funds can be established for either groups or individuals.

Combined Business Packages – This combines several classes of insurance (i.e. Fire and perils, burglary insurance, All risks, Plate Glass, Money insurance, Workmen’s Compensation, Public Liability, Employee Dishonesty, Group Personal Accident, Computer and accessories). This makes it convenient for the insured since all these insurance packages are renewed at the same time, have fixed terms and conditions and this eases the administrative work.

Workers Compensation and Common Law Covers – This cover is designed to provide for cost of medical care, rehabilitation and lost wages for injured employees and death benefits for the dependants of the person killed in work related accidents.

Marine Cargo Insurance – Coverage is meant for transportation of goods and items by sea or air. This insurance provides indemnity against loss or damage for goods being transported by sea or air and incidental land transportation.

Industrial All Risks – This insurance package mainly incorporates Fire and Allied Perils, Burglary, Accidental damage and Business Interruption. It provides indemnity to the property insured against any loss or damage from any cause. This package has two sections: material damage (which covers the accidental loss or damage to the property insured) and Business Interruption (which covers the consequential loss following accidental physical loss or damage to the property insured during the indemnity period. This section covers loss of profits, wages to employees, increased cost of working, rent receivable/payable and audit fees).

Computer and Electronic Equipment Insurance – This policy provides coverage to your electronic equipment including computers against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to the equipment in a manner necessitating repair or replacement. Electronic equipment constitutes all electrical equipment that consumes low electrical current. Such as Electronic Data Processing Systems (EDP) and equipment, telephone installations, transmitting and receiving installations, lighting installations, machinery used in offices and so on. Coverage is also provided for Program and Data restoration costs and increased cost of working to assure continuation of operation in case of major breakdowns.

Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance – This insurance is designed to assist in lessening the sudden, unforeseen financial consequences associated with evacuation threatened personnel. Items that present unplanned and possibly significant financial exposures include: transportation to a place of safety, salary expenses during the period of dislocation and the cost or returning when the situation is normalized. Cover is provided for the emergency evacuation and repatriation of insured persons upon the advisory of their government that it is unsafe for them to remain in their host country, their property has been expropriated, or they are declared persona non grata.

  • Endowment and education
  • Special tailor made KEYMAN covers. This offers both security and high interest returns to the KEYMAN. Employer can remit premiums.
  • Property insurance covers for office equipments, furniture, fixed computers, fax, laptops etc
  • Crisis management insurance i.e. Carjack, highjack ransom seekers, bomb blasts, food poisoning, cancelled flights etc
  • Security bonds cover.
  • Pedal Cycle- This covers bicycles against own damage, theft and third party risks

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